2012-13 LISA Transfer Rules

Further to the LISA AGM here are the approved transfer policy and procedures for 2012-13:


There are three (3) transfers permitted per team.  This now includes U17 & U18 and VIPL teams.

Coaching Exemptions:

Coaching Exemptions are permitted so long as the Parent/Guardian is the current Head Coach of his/her child’s team.  This is a change from 2011-12.

Grandparented players:

If a player moves from his/her club’s boundary, they maintain a “Grandparented” status to that club so long as they continue to play for that club without break.  If they move from the area and return, they may apply to Lower Island to have their Grandparented Status reinstated.  Each application will be looked at individually.


Procedure for Releases is as follows. Players must register with their home clubs and apply to the home club to be released, their home club then notifies LISA Executive Director.  The intent is for the LISA Executive Director to then ensure that the player is placed at the most appropriate place considering viability of the league and best interests of the player.  This means there is no guarantee a released player will be placed with the club of their choice.

PLEASE NOTE: SFFC recommends that any player considering requesting a release from their home club first contact Yvonne Koehn (ykoehn@shaw.ca) to discuss their request.

SFFC Parents and players are asked to direct any questions about LISA Transfer Rules to either Yvonne Koehn or Drew Smyth (drew@resolveconsulting.ca) and not the LISA Head Office.