2014-15 pre-season schedule for Euro & Youth now available


2014-15 pre-season team selection/first practices for Euro and Youth Players now available.


Players that have already been selected to a team are expected to attend their practices/sessions. Any player not yet assigned and wishing to be considered for a top level team should attend session one of desired team. Players not wanting to be considered for a top level team should attend the session of their appropriate age group


Q: has the slub determined how many teams there will be at each age and level?
A: Not at this time. We have a rough idea of how many teams we will have at each level but no firm decisions have been made. The number of players registered changes daily therefore shifting the dynamics of how many teams we may be able to field.
Q: Are these sessions assessments or practices?
A: Both. Not all rosters for VIPL have been finalized and these sessions will allow our Technical staff to determine final team selections. The season start is not that far off so we want to get all players getting ready for the new season allowing all teams to get off to a good start.
Q: If my son/daughter has already been named to a VIPL team do they need to attend?
A: Yes. All players of every age group should attend these sessions. If your child wants to be considered for the highest level team at their age group but has not been selected as yet, they should attend the session for that highest level team.


For 2014-15 team practice times please click HERE.

Any questions, please contact the youth liaison, Meredith Campbell-Jess