Glasgow Rangers to play Highlanders

One of Scotland’s Old Firm is coming to Victoria! Rangers, the 54-time Scottish champions will be playing Victoria Highlanders on July 21st at Uvic’s Centennial Stadium.

The Highlanders have extended an offer to Saanich Fusion that when any of our members buy tickets to the event, Saanich Fusion gets $5. To take up the Highlanders on this offer,

1) Please contact the Highlanders Front Office by calling 250-590-8432, or by emailing,
2) Please indicate via email, or in your phone conversation, that you are purchasing tickets for the FUSION promotion to ensure funds are then forwarded to the Saanich Fusion Soccer Club.

Note: This promotion will not apply to walk-ups or purchases on the day of the event.  All purchases for this promotion must be made in advance tickets purchases prior to July 20, 2014.