HOUSE LEAGUE 2014/15 Players born in 2008, 2009 and 2010 (and 2007 Girls only)

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SAANICH FUSION FC HOUSE LEAGUE 2014/15 Players born in 2008, 2009 and 2010 (and 2007 Girls only)

Our goal is to offer our youngest players an opportunity to learn about soccer in a fun and engaging way, and to start to develop their skills so they can continue on in what is the best sport on earth. We recognize that supporting the player and their family, working around schedules and weather, and keeping the young player excited and proud of their accomplishments is the best way to do that.

To do this we have created a soccer schedule that is adaptable to the player’s needs and our changing weather, and gives the player time to build their skills before putting them in a longer game situation. Each weekly practice will be devoted to fun skill games for the U5/6 group, and a combination of skills and small-sided scrimmages for the U7/8 group.

We provide House League training in both a Gordon Head and a Cordova Bay location. In Gordon Head players meet at Upper Lambrick Park off Tyndall, and in Cordova Bay they meet at Lochside Park. Players may attend whichever location and time suits them.

The updated schedule will be posted into the schedule section of our website – Minis Schedule

For our winter session we will be bringing players (and their parents!) indoors so poor weather is not a detractor from enjoying their soccer training. Our U5/6 training involves the parents, so both player and parent know how to have fun and develop their skills, so you can support your child outside of practice time. Throughout the season we will also support interested parents in beginning their coaches training. Starting at U7 players are coached by volunteer parent coaches, who are an integral part to our community soccer program. You can begin your training now and the club will continue to support you as you move up the certification ladder.

Fees are as follows:
  • $210
  • plus a $40 jersey deposit

Players will be provided with club socks and jersey, as feedback from parents has been that the uniforms are too cumbersome/don’t fit, most weekends the players do not wear them, and finding small soccer socks is challenging, so we are happy to provide them for you. Players need to wear soccer cleats and shin guards for the Fall and Spring sessions. For the indoor Winter session regular sneakers with non-marking soles are fine. Shin guards are recommended.

Minis Coordinator