Lighting Tyndall

In February we distributed our upcoming capital projects plan, which includes turfing the Tyndall cage as well as replacing the light arrays at both Lochside and Tyndall. Our initial plan was to proceed with the projects simultaneously. However, after learning the lights at Tyndall have reached the end of their life span, the board feels they must now take priority.

Why do we need to replace the lights at Tyndall?

Light Failure. The lights are 30 years old and all of the seals on the lenses are gone. This has led to water seeping in, corroding the ballasts and resulting in costly repairs. When it caused several bulbs to burn out at once this season, the VISL deemed the field “unsafe” for play, threatening to cancel games, impose fines and impact player training.
Energy Efficiency. New models consume roughly 50% of the electricity and provide a substantially higher lumens count. Roughly speaking, the new lights will pay for themselves over their 25-year lifespan.
Field Visibility. Improvements in technology will provide a luminous field, while assisting our neighbours by lessening the impact our existing lights have on their properties.

What will it cost?

The cost to replace the lights at Tyndall is approximately $160,000. The board has a few strategies it would like to implement to raise the money:

Approach the District of Saanich for a grant
Apply to other levels of government for energy reduction grants
Look to members for fundraising ideas and suggestions

How can you help?

Members have asked if they can donate to kick start the fund and the answer is a grateful yes! In fact there are several simple ways to help, including:

Donating your volunteer deposit cheque to the Field Lights Project by sending an email approving this to
Donating an amount of your choosing via PayPal.

Donating an amount of your choosing via cheque, which can be mailed to Saanich Fusion FC, Box 31109, #314-3980 Shelbourne St, Victoria BC, V8N 6J3 or dropped in the clubhouse mailbox. Please write Field Light Project on the memo line.
Coming up with a great fundraising idea of your own

Thank you!

It can be overwhelming raising large sums for projects like this, however SFFC has always had wonderful support from our players, coaches, parents and the community, so we are confident we will be able to achieve all of our goals!

With many thanks for any assistance you’re able to provide,

The SFFC Board of Directors