Lisa Approves SFFC and PL Pooling

LISA has moved to a “franchise” model for VIPL teams. This means there will be no promotion or relegation from VIPL. Along with this, clubs have been asked to submit franchise proposals by themselves or with a pooling partner. Saanich Fusion and Prospect Lake have decided to pool. Other clubs around town may have done the same; news will come out in the next few days. The goal of this is to have every club represented at VIPL level, and, inturn, every child on the Lower Island has an opportunity to play there.

VIPL will run leagues at





Assessments have started, so please check the schedule for assessment times.

I am sure there are lots of questions, and I am also sure you can appreciate the dynamic nature of these situations. A FAQ will be posted soon to address a number of issues.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tech Committee Vice-Chair, Kyle