SFFC – Field Walkers

The club’s home fields are located in Gordon Head and Cordova Bay and include two turf fields (Tyndall and Lochside), as well as numerous grass fields.

Fields are checked for game status on Sat & Sun mornings between 6:30 and 7:30 am and the results are reported to the Field Coordinator who will review the results in coordination with the Field Scheduler to determine if the condition of the field is acceptable for the level of play scheduled on the field for the that day. It is possible to close a field for the morning and re-assess the field closer to the afternoon.  Please be reminded that as conditions change quickly, if a field has standing water and/or frost, teams/referees should use their discretion as to whether the field is playable.

Below is the Field Submission Form to be used to submit morning reports:

Field Submission Form