SFFC Volunteer Job List 2014/15

Saanich Fusion Volunteer Job List: 2014-15

Contact: Sam Won, samuelw@uvic.ca

Club members are asked to contribute five volunteer hours and, in return, the club will tear up the $100 volunteer fee deposit cheque submitted at registration.  The basic contribution of five hours applies to each soccer family: if you have several players in your family, you’re only asked to contribute five hours—unless you wish to do more, as many members do.  Take a moment to review the list and choose whichever job best suits your schedule.  All volunteers will be instructed by experienced hands about how to do the work required.


Note that for three of the jobs listed—team manager, female rep, and volunteer coordinator—you are asked to contact your team’s coach to see if the job is available.  And please do not submit your hours, on an individual basis, to the club: we cannot keep track of individual submissions.  When you complete your hours, report them to your volunteer coordinator who will, in turn, submit the hours for your team to the club.


Team Managers (1-2 per team): Duties include keeping players and parents apprised of game and practice times and venues; seeing to kits and other equipment; referring questions to the proper club authorities; working with age group coordinators and club officials to arrange team gatherings.  Some additional registration will be required and a Criminal Record Check form (CRC) must be filed with the club.  If you wish to become a team manager, please contact your coach.


Female Rep: Each girls’ team requires a female rep to be present at all practices and games in case a player requires assistance.  Some additional registration will be required and a Criminal Record Check form (CRC) must be filed with the club. If you wish to become a female rep, please contact your coach.


Volunteer Coordinators (one per team): Recording volunteer contributions of each team and submitting them to the club at the end of the year.  If you wish to become a volunteer coordinator manager, please contact your coach.


Field Walkers: Inspect the grass fields at Lambrick, Doug Day, and Lochside on game days to determine if fields are playable.  New field walkers will be instructed by experienced hands in field condition guidelines.


First-Aid Kits: preparation and distribution of first-aid kits to all teams.


Concessions: Purchase, prep, and sell snacks and beverages on game days at the Tyndall Clubhouse.


Photo Days: Organize and set-up team photo shoots on successive Saturdays in October at Tyndall Clubhouse.


Referee Payroll: Assist in the recording and distribution of cheques for referees.


Lochside Caretaking: Assist in maintaining Lochside turf field: raking, trash removal, etc.


Minis Coordinator (may be shared by more than one volunteer): Duties include acting as liaison between Minis group (U7/8-U10) and the Tech Committee and Board; organizing the distribution and return of jerseys; seeing that players, coaches, and managers adhere to club rules about moving goals after games, returning equipment to storage areas; overseeing the end-of-year Minis Jamboree.


Age Group Coordinator for U7/8: Duties include overseeing the U7/8 age group: referring questions and problems to the Minis Coordinators; helping to organize age-group gatherings and the Minis Jamboree.


Minis Scheduler: Assist in the scheduling of Minis games.


Indoor Program Organizing Crew for House League (U5-7): The Indoor Program runs from mid-January to the beginning of March at local school gyms; organizers will work in concert with the minis coordinators.


Spring Session Organizing Crew for House League (U5-7): The Spring Session runs on Mionday evenings, 6-7, from April to mid-June at both Tyndall and Lochside turf fields; organizers will work in concert with minis coordinators.


Bottle Drive (January): Collect, sort, & organize the club’s annual bottle drive.


Jamboree Committee (multiple volunteers): Volunteers needed to join organizational committee for the Spring Jamboree; meetings will begin in the Fall.