Support Team Canada and help SFFC win!

Canadian soccer fans can now download the Pride & Joy Cheer App to show their support for Canada and help raise up to $100,000 for Canadian youth soccer clubs. Simply by shaking the Pride & Joy Cheer App whenever the Canadian Women’s Team plays, funds will be raised for selected clubs across Canada.

Saanich Fusion FC is one of only 100 clubs that qualified for this contest and each time Canada’s Women’s National Team plays, between May 29th-July 5th, our club could be randomly selected to qualify for up to $5000

What do you need to do?  Simply make sure that you, your friends, family and your whole community download the Cheer App at, then just choose your noisemaker and be prepared to shake up some fun.

Before each Canadian Women’s National Team game the app will notify you that it is time to cheer. The more you cheer the more money will be raised for Youth Soccer Clubs.

Get ready for Canada’s friendly against England on Friday, May 29th, as our club could be one of 3 chosen for that game! 

Go Canada Go!