Turf Rules

August 18, 2011 – 9:05pm — John Kilbank

Application of Turf Policy and Rules

  • The Turf Policy and Rules are in effect at all times and apply to everyone using Tyndall or Lochside Turf Fields.
  • Home teams shall inform away teams of all the turf field rules.
  • Visiting teams are to adhere to all turf field rules.
  • Home teams and referees will be liable for suspension of field privileges if the turf is damaged.

Only participants (players, team staff, referees) are allowed on the turf field

  • Spectators, parents, family members, friends are to remain outside the fenced turf field enclosure at all times. Never hop the fence, use the gates to enter the enclosure.
  • No running on the cement and non-turf areas of the turf field on either sides of the fence.

Only CLEAN permitted footwear (multi-stud or turf soccer shoes, sneakers) are allowed

  • Arrive at the park with clean footwear – clean your shoes at home and bring them, don’t wear them to the park.
  • Shoes must be cleaned on the provided brushes prior to entering the enclosure every time.
  • Replaceable (screw-in) stud shoes, long blade shoes, shoes with heels are not permitted. Molded sole shoes that have been worn to sharp edges are not permitted.

Turf Field Etiquette for both practice and games

  • Do not warm up or practice on grass prior to using the synthetic turf. Organic material transferred to the synthetic surface must be avoided at all times.
  • Teams must prepare to leave the Artificial Turf field FIVE MINUTES before their END TIME for transition time between teams.
  • Teams must not enter the fenced field area until their START TIME. This will help avoid conflict between groups and equipment mix- ups.
  • Only water in plastic bottles is allowed on the turf field
  • No other drinks (pop, juice, sports drinks, alcohol, etc) or food (including oranges), chewing gum, sunflower seeds, candies, etc) are permitted. Everything other than water can reduce the life of the turf.

Clean up afterwards

  • Everything brought in to the enclosure is to be removed from the enclosure at the end of your use of the turf. This includes all equipment, clothing, water bottles, bags, even sock tape.
  • No furniture, tents, awnings etc are permitted on the turf to avoid damage to the turf
  • This includes portable seating (benches) chairs, tables, tents, awnings, etc. They are allowed only on the concrete apron for team areas on the south side or at the east end (leaving room for entry).
  • Team areas for full field games are on the south side (not the north). During half field games team areas are not to be in the middle area of the turf (permitted only at the east or west ends of the enclosure.
  • Tobacco products and pets are not permitted on the turf
  • There is to be no smoking within 25 meters of the turf field.
  • Goals are to be moved by carrying or rolling (on the wheels)
  • Goals are never to be dragged on the turf.
  • Goals are to be removed from the turf at the end of practice or games.

Be a good neighbour!

  • Our fields are in neighbourhood areas. Be a good neighbour- NO boom boxes on the fields.
  • This is something we need a permit for, and do for at club functions like tournaments and special events only.