VIPL Pooling News

To the members of the Saanich Fusion FC and Prospect Lake Soccer Club,
Subject- Lower Island Soccer Association VIPL pooling Proposal Update
The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) has mandated that the 10 youth soccer clubs work together to determine new guidelines for the Vancouver Island Premier League (VIPL). LISA had determined that the current VIPL (Tier 2) model, designed to bridge the Gold and the High Performance League (HPL), is not working. In their view it goes against the BC Soccer Association (BCSA) and Canada Soccer Association (CSA) long term player development (LTPD) model to which our Clubs subscribe. Specifically it is not inclusive to all registered players in LISA, as only clubs that qualify can put teams in, thereby leaving many kids without an option to play at their own skill level. In addition, the promotion and relegation format at the U14-16 levels currently promotes and rewards winning rather than development. This emphasis on winning trickles down to the U13 level, whereby the U13 season becomes a year of competition, not development, as clubs compete for one of four VIPL U14 spots.
There are many factors the league and club leaders need to review before making changes. However, the largest factor is that the number of individuals playing soccer has been declining for many years. Once boasting over 10,000 registered youth players in the lower island it is now less than 8,000. Traditional sports like baseball have also been hit hard by declining enrolment partly due to the growth of other competing activities. Another factor is that the current LISA club boundaries and transfer system rules are restrictive thus limiting the number of transfers each team may have playing for them. All clubs, however, need to operate within these guidelines.
Saanich Fusion FC and Prospect Lake Soccer Club, in response to the Lower Island Soccer Association, are excited to announce that we will be working co-operatively to field pooled VIPL teams for the 2013/14 season. Both clubs share a similar vision with their commitment to technical development of players and coaches and investing in top level facilities. Over the next few weeks, SFFC and PLSC will be working hard to develop the joint VIPL player assessment and coaching selection process.
Many of the VIPL structural decisions are yet to be determined by the LISA. Both our clubs will be part of these discussions and have input into the decision making process. While both clubs are working to provide clarity to our members, much will depend on these on-going LISA discussions. In the meantime, should you have any questions about the upcoming VIPL season please contact your clubs respective Technical Committee. We will be making further announcements in the coming weeks.
Yours in Soccer-
Tony Melendez-Duke / President / Saanich Fusion FC
Kevin Watson / President / Prospect Lake Soccer Club