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Competitive Pathway / Tier 2 Assessments

Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) has announced a new Player Development Structure creating a club based “Competitive Pathway” (formerly the “Tier 2” level of play). Details are in the LISA 2024-2025 Seasonal Implementation Plan.

Saanich Fusion Football Club and Gorge Soccer Association are partnering together to create Competitive Pathway / Tier 2 teams starting in September 2024. Interested players should reach out to their club TD and attend the initial assessments (ages 2011 - 2008).

Girls Assessment Schedule:

Sunday June 23rd at Hampton 

2011s - 4-5pm

2010s - 5-6pm

2009 & 2008 - 6-7pm

Tuesday June 25th at Tyndall 

2011s - 5-6pm

2010s - 6-7pm

2009 & 2008- 7-8pm

Boys Assessment Schedule:

Monday June 24th at Tyndall

2011 - 5-6 pm

2010 - 6-7 pm

2009 - 7-8:15 pm

Wednesday June 26th at Hampton

2011 - 5-6 pm

2010 - 6-7 pm

2008 - 7-8:15 pm

If you have questions, please contact your club TD:

Gorge TD: Dan Cumming

Saanich TDs: Boys - Brett Hyslop | Girls - Steph Steiner

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Tier 2 Update 2024/25

Saanich Fusion FC teams have regularly competed at the Provincial A Cup (Tier 2) and Provincial B Cup (Tier 3). Starting in 2024, the BC Soccer Provincial A Cup will be the qualifying tournament for club based teams to attend the Toyota National Championships. Saanich Fusion FC has always focused on providing quality training, development opportunities, tournament play and competitive playoff experiences for its members. While Lower Island Soccer Association is determining how to accommodate competition at this level, Saanich Fusion FC will be assessing players for Tier 2 as part of the Canada Soccer Player Pathway. 
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Saanich Fusion FC is a Canada licensed “Quality Soccer Provider”

Saanich Fusion FC is a Canada Soccer licensed “Quality Soccer Provider” Learn what this means.

Canada Soccer's Club Licensing Program is designed to guide member organizations throughout the country toward best principles for organizational development both on and off the field.

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Referee Clinics Open

Sign up for Small-sided and Entry referee clinics is now open. Limited spots. See our Referee page for details.

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Spring league registrations for House Div opens March 15th!

Spring league registration for players born in 2016, 2017 and 2018 opens on March 15th. Check out the House Division page for more details.